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Talent, expertise, and a passion for client satisfaction

A blend of technical and creative skills

Okay, I admit it. I was once a ‘techie’. I used to develop software applications, set up computers and configure networks. Not exactly exciting right? But when I began developing websites, I discovered I also had a creative side. So I nurtured it and I began creating websites that were beautiful – inside and out.

Today, I rely on my technical and creative talents in a balanced approach. The result? Smartly-built websites that are responsive, fast and look gorgeous.

A WordPress Expert

I have been working with WordPress for almost 10 years.  I have yet to come across a WordPress issue that I haven't been able to solve. I know how to maximize the potential of the WordPress application to achieve your web presence ambitions.

I starting working with WordPress in 2007 and I must admit I loved it from the start.  I have spent countless hours learning everything there is to know about WordPress and began creating my own themes and plugins.  I now focus solely on developing web solutions for customers and of course I am continually improving my web skills.

I'm passionate about my work. OK, I'm obsessed.

I’m crazy about optimized code, fresh design and seamless branding. When you have someone this fixated and passionate on your team, you simply can’t lose.

What’s more, when you contact PDRnet Designs, you’ll always deal with me. I don’t outsource to third parties and I give every new project my utmost attention.

If you’re looking for a WordPress expert with passion for solutioning your web presence ambitions, contact PDRnet Designs today.

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